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Test to see how you were born to think!

Linda Carlson Please listen carefully to this message.

92% changed to a learned Style
often as young as toddlers.

Use what you were born to use.
Changes happen in your life easily and quickly.

Keep reading here is a personal message from ICTech®('I-see-tek')
founder Linda Carlson

Dear Friends,
What if you could get others to agree instead of living with arguments, constant bickering or rejections? This is not manipulation or force. It is using the qualities of the Natural Style to encourage people to actually listen ... actually hear what you say and hear the others ... and hear themselves. Often they don't make sense.

Suppose you could see behind what others say and have them agree with ideas and concepts rather than clashing with personalities over 80% of the time?

Imagine...having the ability to change misunderstandings involving anyone to situations of understanding? Would your personal life be the first place to repair arguments and communication problems? How about your work-life and your friends?

“Almost Eliminate Misunderstandings!”

  • You’ll reduce emotionally draining mix-ups that occur when you least expect them.

  • You’re not controlling people, but ‘influencing' them by emphasizing the natural qualities they are born to use.

  • Communicating with an individual with whom you’ve had previous conflicts, suddenly‘smooths out!’

  • The friction stops and ‘ Difficult People ’ fade away. Children, teens, spouses, people you hire, and potential customers respond to you in a positive way. What this would do for your life?

    “What is Style?”

  • This is totally different from personality tests, aptitude graphs, or leadership training. All of us fall into at least one of five different ‘information processing’ categories or Styles” as we call them. They are: Single, Multiple, NonVisual, Integrated and Dual. For a Brief Description Click Here.

    Everyone has a natural and a learned style. You use the natural style when you’re under a lot of pressure or when you feel totally relaxed. (at home?) It is the one you were born using.

    The learned style is acquired from a variety of influences that have impacted you through out your life. These include: family, school, work, religious beliefs and friends. These affect the way we understand and when we think we are doing our BEST!

    None of the five styles is better than another. Style isn't affected by age, gender, race, or how smart we are; it isn't affected by cultural background or education.(things Psychologists normally measure)

    The only difference is HOW each style sees and hears messages.


    “Misunderstandings Result from Miscommunications”


    When we are relaxed, defensiveness melts away; we are more agreeable to others. When we feel non-threatened, we become more patient and accommodating to opposing viewpoints. We are open to other people's suggestions without being weak; all our relationships improve.

    ICTech® brings out the best in ourselves along with everyone else we influence. We are building effective communication skills FAST.

    No more will you mutter about personal or family arguments, bickering, or misunderstandings. Frustrations and stress will be greatly reduced. You will build stronger relationships ... and a stronger family.


    The Other Half of the Team

    As a world-renowned educator and researcher, Thomas was president of “Psy-Kinetics” (Movement of the Mind) a think tank dedicated to probing and unlocking the mysteries of misunderstandings and communications in groups and personal relationships starting in the inner mind.

    The program today, is directly constructed on Tom’s excellent research skills and organizational talents. Click here to read Bios


    Getting people with whom you spend a great deal of time interacting, (your family and your co-workers, friends) to become agreeable with you and say‘Yes’ instead of No, is something you really want.

    Success in life depends on how others respond to us.


    “We Bring Hope To People”


    92% of the people you talk to (including your family members) everyday are angry and stressed out, and most of them don’t even know it! What does this say about creating a more peaceful environment at home ... a haven that provides peace and support rather than more anger and isolation?

    Instead of frazzled nerves and gnawing anger you can restore peace and calm to your life. You’ll discover these secrets as you listen.

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    If you keep doing the same things over and over again - you'll keep getting the same results.

    How to STOP Talking to Brick Walls

    This exclusive participative workshop is delivered by Dr. Thomas S. and Linda Blew Carlson.

    Essential today for anyone whose success depends on his or her ability to understand others and be clearly understood, i.e. Parents, Spouses, Children, and Friends; In Fact – Everybody!

    A Riveting Life Changing Live Seminar!

    You’ll Never See Others the Same Way Again

    Listen in on a full day's seminar with the masters of communication themselves, and hear all 5 different Natural Styles surfacing in a relaxed and entertaining environment. You will come up with ideas of where you want to use ICTech®!

    Former ticket cost: $500.00 per person, couples $600

    “It is so important for you to get the answers you need. By offering the ICTech® system in an unbelievable way. We're making it possible for everyone who visits us to get this vital information!"

      Dr. Thomas S. & Linda Carlson

    Try ICTech® - At Whatever Cost You Think is Fair!

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