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About us

FOCUS II, LLC is a privately held Texas Limited Liability Company formed in 1996. It's purpose is to market ICTech® (Individualized Communication Technology) and it now holds exclusive rights to market ICTech® on the Internet.

For over 18 years ICTech® has filled workshops and classes.  It is used to give individual consultations to people who are intent on developing to their fullest potential. It has a wide spectrum client base ranging from the fastest growing school district in the USA to one-man businesses.

The ages of class participants range from Kindergarten to 89 years old.

Linda Blew Carlson is the Executive Manager of Focus II. For more information about her, Click here

Interested in how Linda Blew Carlson started ICTech®? For her personal story Click here

The research done for ICTech® was headed by Dr. Thomas S. Carlson, President of the research company, Psy-Kinetics (movement of the mind). For more information about Dr. Carlson,Click here

The company motto is "To provide more quality for the customer than money alone can buy." This standard of excellence has generated development of self-help, educational, and communication programs.

FOCUS II consistently offers guarantees of any products and programs represented through it, and has a marvelous record of less than .05% returns.

The quality of products and programs is outstanding, and those who participate feel they have received genuine value in a world that sometimes loses the meaning of value.

FOCUS I, Inc. is the parent company, with Linda Blew Carlson as the President and CEO.  For more information about her,Click here.  As stated above, FOCUS II has exclusive rights to represent ICTech® with all its products and programs on the Internet.

All products and programs produced using ICTech® fit into a model best described with the initials PIE (Positive, Individualized, Empowering). On the Internet, FOCUS II, LLC is forming If you have a program or product that fits in the PIE model, we invite you to contact us at

FAQs about ICTech® Click here