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Thomas S. Carlson, Ph.D.

Tom has been part of ICTech® for more than thirty years.

He became facinated with the possibilities after he attended a workshop Linda was giving. Both the concept and Linda charmed him. It was a natural match

Tom taught for a year at Vermillion S. Dak. and learned that he hated snow! Always innovative, he taught at COGS in West Virginia while he worked for an outreach MBA program in NOVA University in Miami. He traveled around the country to teach these classes. He heads the national training and research for FOCUS I, Inc. Tom is the former head of the University Business Management Department at USC and a world renown researcher.

He spent 17 years consulting with individuals, small businesses and huge corporations.

This consultation time gave him a chance to observe the differences in the way people responded to information. But, he finally understood why when he heard about ICTech®.

He has always earned high marks as a teacher or trainer, but today, using ICTech®, he is better than good -- he is great!

"ICTech® changed my life," says Tom. "I am a NonVisual. The way people acted and reasoned things out never made sense to me until I understood styles."

When asked how ICTech® has made a difference for him Tom says,"I am so grateful that I got a chance to work with something so significant during my life. Seeing the positive change in people's lives that ICTech® makes, lets me smile and feel a deep sense of satisfaction."

Tom is co-developer of the ICTech® program and co-author of the books How to Stop Talking to Brick Walls and How to get people to say "Yes!"


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