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Tom and Linda Carlson explained to conference participants why ICTech® (Individualized Communication Technology) is an essential tool for the insurance industry and for attorneys serving that industry.

           Fully described in a book called How To Stop Talking To Brick Walls, ICTech® is for those who are looking for ways to get better response to their communications and ways to tap into the mental potential within oneself and others.

           While ICTech® has been most widely utilized in the business and/or organizational setting to develop team building and planning strategies which accelerate performance, attorneys are now recognizing that these techniques are vital for those involved in negotiation and jury selection.

           ICTech® describes five different Natural Styles that explain how people think and process information:the Single, the Multiple, the NonVisual, the Integrated, and the Dual.

           People's natural style affects how they think and respond to information. Communication between individuals is likewise affected. It can be shaped to be positive.

           You need to know your Natural Style (the way you were born to work with information) and how to identify the styles others are using quickly to facilitate positive results.

           They said that to get a message through efficiently, both parties' styles have to be considered. The Carlsons have spent years researching the various Natural Styles, identifying the characteristics of each, and determining the verbal and non-verbal signs that identify the Natural Style of a person.

           Each style has definite characteristics and mannerisms. By knowing these identifying traits, you learn how to question others to quickly determine through both verbal and non-verbal responses, the style the other person is using.

           You then know how to couch your points, phrases, and statements in the style of the other person to more effectively persuade them to accept your point of view. Think what this means for selecting or presenting before a jury.

           Carlsons' workshop gave all participants an awareness of this new and exciting 'people' technology, which can certainly help one become a more effective negotiator and trial attorney. Participants all agreed that mastering the use of ICTech® is extremely worthwhile.

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Linda Blew Carlson, is GM of FOCUS II, LLC, a company dedicated to supporting families, public speakers, people who deal with difficult people, and businesses, through 'individualizing' communications. They all begin to get extraordinary results from ordinary people! To see how go to