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If Networking Is So Hot,
Why Aren't I Rich?

How to make today's NEW streamlined 'networking' work!

By Linda Blew Carlson

Before we start, please note that in this article 'MLM' and 'Networking' are interchangeable.

           The hottest business opportunities today use 'network marketing.' Almost everyone has been a distributor for an MLM (the former word for networking) company or has had a relative or a friend who was/is. On the Internet it is called running an affiliate program. Being successful in a 'networking' business today depends on two things.

1. Knowing your in-born talents and skills
2. Communicating effectively

           People begin a networking business with the hope that a significant income and personal freedom are right around the corner. They use MLM with the 'people-to-people' method or they find the Internet more desirable.

           Using the Internet means not having to make face-to-face contact and it provides access to so many people that it is easy to play a 'numbers game.'

           A few successful MLMers evaluate a programs by asking themselves, "Is this exciting, significant, and earth shaking enough to make me some money?" If their gut instinct says, "Yes," many 'get in, grab cash, and move on.' Those directly below them, the ordinary guys, usually work hard and make 'some' money. Most lose money, or if they are very lucky, break even.

           Then there are the people who want to stick to something and make it work for them long-term. They check things out carefully and decide whether the company is reliable. They ask themselves, "Is this product something everyone will need?" They are willing to be patient and build slowly. They aren't as exciting as they want to be and don't attract as many people as they had hoped.

           This sets up the 'grass is greener on the other side' syndrome. What people forget is their own personal nature! Too often they quit trying before they make their dream come true.

A Recent Survey Says...

           Negative network marketing experiences have taken their toll. A recent survey indicates that there are two issues that preoccupy most promising recruits.

"I have never gotten real help when I asked for it. I was treated like a number. So, I have decided 'networking' is not for me."

"I want to do something I like to do!" "

           To address these issues look at what most people believe when they get involved in a networking business. These beliefs shape what people expect from you and how they work the business.

Belief #1

My business will give me more free time than a 'regular' job.

The Problem: Successful networking depends on lots of committed time. Free time is eaten up by the attempt to 'get' more recruits. You may want to get someone to share the load, but they usually don't do the job.

The Solution: A system which lets you share the time commitment with others who really will do the job because you are helping them use their personal strengths.


To be successful at any networking requires 'sorting through a bucket of rocks' in order to find a 'golden nugget.'

The Problem: The 'gold nugget' is that perfect business building person who will; identify with the product, be willing to make a consistent and dedicated effort, and is skilled enough to become a success (or at least follow the directions of others who are).

Thus sales and recruiting become a numbers game that says, "See enough people and some of them will say, "Yes." Sorting rocks usually results in discouragement.

The Solution: Identify the natural talents and skills - the 'gold' in everyone.


To be successful requires you to follow the company's proven system.

The Problem: The company's system and its specific methods may not fit your 'natural' style. Following a proven system is giving up your decision-making power to 'ape' the leaders.

The Solution:Identify your natural strengths and shape your business by and around them.


Maintaining enthusiasm is the key to success.

The Problem:You have to depend on others to help you stay enthusiastic. Pressures distract you and deflate your enthusiasm, so you seek meetings, seminars, books and tapes to help you.

The Solution: Find a way to keep enthusiasm constant and self-generated in yourself and others.

The Real Questions to Ask Yourself Are...

"What are my 'natural' strengths?"
"What makes me 'enjoy' work?"

           This may generate more questions like; "Can I identify my in-born talents and skills and those of others without lengthy training? Will this make me effective in networking?" You may ask, "Does this automatically help a normal person generate enthusiasm from the inside?" Research shouts a resounding, "Yes!"

~ ~ ~

Linda Carlson is the GM for Focus II, LLC, a company that identifies anyone's in-born talents and skills (Natural Style). Then it provides ways to achieve success and enjoy personal satisfaction by using the Natural Style. Teams that use the system to maximize the natural strengths and skills of each member are among the nation's top producers.