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Happy Family

The 'Happy Family' is Not a Myth
The cord that binds people to each other
gets family members to work together happily!

by Linda Blew Carlson

           A Chinese warlord, desiring to leave his kingdom to his three sons, was on his deathbed. He instructed each of them to bring him several sticks. When they returned with the sticks, he asked the eldest son to pick the strongest stick and break it. It snapped on the second try.

           Then he asked each son to give him the weakest stick from their bunch. He bound the sticks together with a cord and invited each son to test his strength against the bundle. No amount of pressure they exerted could break the sticks.

           He admonished them to bind themselves together like the sticks and they would never be defeated. This translates today into team effort.

Get Ready...

           Success in building a happy family depends on producing quality members. Today's hectic world demands that we strengthen our family or watch it dissintigrate. Most of us would like it better if the individual members of the family were happy!

           There are two ways to approach the problem. First, we can demand that every individual shape up! "This is my house and I will run it this way." However, that is like separate sticks. No matter how strong, the individual can be broken with so much stress and pressure.

           Second, we can work smarter and combine efforts at home when we find the cord that binds us together as we seek peace, teamwork, and happiness.

Dallas Does It

           The parents of a Dallas family tried to strengthen their togetherness by meeting with their children once a week on Sunday afternoon.(They assumed that meetings where children aired complaints and saw that parents cared for them would form the binding cord.)

           However, the children had a different reaction. They leaped at a chance to get out of the meeting which they perceived as a waste of time. Rather than unity, the parents built resentment by taking away personal time.

The Cord That Binds

           So, what is the cord that binds people together? It is the ability to develop and share the unique talents of each family member.

           Learning the difference between team work (recognizing and utilizing real personal talents to achieve a family goal) and team effort (individuals working separately to achieve a family goal) is important. Next meeting the parents asked all the family members to give ideas for making their home a happier place and what difference they thought this would make. They gave each family member (including themselves) a short (10 questions) assessment that told them how this person was born to respond to information. Then they began using a new communication method that show-cased the natural strengths of each family member.

           The results? A teenager, who had been caustic and made sarcastic remarks during the previous family meetings, began to respond to this innovation with original and interesting thoughts. The parents recognized his innate mental ability to be an idea person, and, to the delight of the rest of the family, he was a virtual wellspring of ideas. Gone was the sarcasm and in its place was a happier, cooperative teenager. The parents discovered that it made all the difference in the world to cultivate the individual talents of each family member.

Simple and Easy

           The trick is not to get everyone to be like everyone else. There are ways to identify your mental talents and those of all your family members regardless of age. The binding cord of such family cooperation is communications that are directly aimed at using the in-born style of each member.

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Linda Blew Carlson, is GM of FOCUS II, LLC. for free Assessments which help families individualize their communications and strengthen each member.
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