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The Style You ere Born To Use

Answer the following questions to determine which style you were born to use. This is your natural style.

Pick one answer per question. If more than one fits, choose the one which is like you slightly more often.

1. Choose the one which is closest to the way you did it.

A picture of a tree, but not one I have seen before, came into my mind.
I remembered a tree that I had seen in order to see it in my mind.
I thought about a tree but never clearly saw one in my mind's eye.

2. Choose the one which is closest to the way you did it.

The tree I saw in my mind stayed very much the same during the exercise.
I thought about what a tree looks like, but didn't see one in my mind.
The tree I saw changed more than once during this exercise.

3. When the tape asked me to feel, taste, or smell in my imagination

I thought about how things feel or smell or taste, but never really did it.
I felt, smelled, or tasted without remembering things to help me.
I remembered as clearly as I could how this object should feel, smell, or taste.

4. As the exercise continued

I saw more and more things being added to my picture as we went along.
I only looked at the things I was asked to see at the time.
I thought about the things, but never clearly saw them.

5. Choose the one which is closest to the way you did it.

I saw the whole picture before I looked at just one thing at a time.
I looked at one part at a time until I was asked to see the whole picture.
I thought about the picture and tried to make it up in a way that made sense.

6. When I was asked to look around in my mental picture

There was only the tree until I heard there could be other things.
I thought about other things which might make sense in the picture.
New things came into my picture before they were mentioned.

7. Choose the one which is closest to the way you did it.

It was easier to think about touching, smelling, and tasting than to really do it.
It was easy to see the whole picture from the beginning.
I put together the picture one part at a time.

8. Choose the one which is closest to the way you did it.

Many things came into my picture which we never talked about.
The picture became clearer as we worked on each part of it.
The picture would not focus and I had to think about the things I had done instead of seeing them.

9. Choose the one which is closest to the way you did it.

I feel like I tried too hard to do this exercise the right way.
I wanted to make more things for my picture.
I wanted to know why we were doing everything we did.

10. At the end of the exercise:

I would have liked to keep going.
I wanted to understand clearly what I was supposed to do.
I wanted the whole thing to make sense.

Be sure you have answered all 10 questions, then press the submit button. Sometimes the system erases all your answers if you have to return.

You will receive the scores for your Natural Style. Print them out or write them down in the order they appear.

You will need to know your Natural Style and the order of these numbers to get the best help as a student.