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Using Natural Styles strengthens your family!

John   Click to hear a father who finally understands his 19 year old son.



  • You can stop family irritations!

    Troubled Teen: "ICTech stopped a family     disaster."
mother and son "Our son, who had been the perfect child until he went to high school, began to run with the wrong crowd. I knew he was smoking pot and drinking. He wouldn't listen, and acted like he hated me! I was frantic.

But along came ICTech to the rescue. We learned about his Natural Style and were finally able to get through to him.
Three years after this period of rebellion, my son went on a church mission."

Sherry Anderson, SLC, UT

doctor   Click to hear how a doctor unburdened
after 30 years of hating her father.




  • Family members get it right the first time. 

In-Law problems:"Now I enjoy my father-in-law rather than putting up with him."

Father-in-law"My father-in-law lives with us and wants to be helpful. He goes to the grocery store for me. I told him what I wanted and watched him make a list. I even showed him the empty containers so he would know what brand to buy. But, he never brought home what I ordered.

Then I learned about styles. My Natural Style is very different from his. When I finally started talking to his Natural Style, he understood what I wanted. Now I get what I order and he feels like he is making a real contribution to our household. Believe me, we are both happier!"

Marcia Perkins, San Diego, CA


  • You can revive a relationship that has grown stale.

Attorney solves marriage problems   Click to hear how an attorney renewed his marriage and then took ICTech to work.
(be patient and listen, it's worth it!)

    Edge of Divorce: "ICTech did what
    counseling didn't do!"

couple"We went from our honeymoon to disagreeing about many things. Within a year we were fighting all the time. We were both dismayed and disappointed and tried going to a marriage counselor (which didn't help). Learning about our Natural Styles saved our marriage. We relaxed, figured out why we had disagreed about so many things and started laughing about what was going on instead of yelling at each other. We get along better every day."

Will and Carol Rorey, Kansas City, KA


  • You will feel tolerance rather than anger.

    Wife & Mother of two: "Stopped our
    family bickering."

family"I heard about ICTech and decided to try it. I identified the Natural Styles of each of our family members; mine, my husband's, and each of our kid's. Our problem was arguments. It drove me crazy to hear mostly bickering going on all day in our house. It started at breakfast and stopped when everybody went to sleep. Yes, my husband and I bickered, too.

The first thing that happened when I started using my Natural Style was that my anger just vanished! I found myself looking at the family members in a more objective way. I always loved them ... but now I like them better!

Using our Natural Styles, I talked my husband into helping me improve the atmosphere in our home. Together, by communicating with our children in their Natural Styles we have stopped most of the bickering in our home. It is finally a peaceful haven."

Pam Twitchell, Houston, TX

You might be interested to know that these are not the results of just a few people. This is the typical profile of all participants in our program.

But do you know what's even more amazing?

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