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Q. Why is the Natural Style so important?
A. Great communicators have intuitively known about differences for a long time. They were thought to be personality or experience related.

The discovery of the Natural Style makes things simpler and much easier. This fills in the spaces that were missing before in all the literature about communication

Q. Is one style better than another?
A. Each style can do the same work -- using a different approach. However, 4 things are easier for your style than for the others. (We have never met anyone who was willing to trade his/her Natural Style for another!)

~ ~ ~

Q. Is it hard to learn to use your Natural Style again?
A. Is it hard to ride a bike even if you haven't done it for 20 years? It takes a little concentration, but hard ???

Q. Will using my Natural Style improve an intimate relationship?
A. Using the Natural Style lets people relax. Anything is better when you can relax and enjoy it. It also helps you be creative in meeting both your own and a partner's desires.

Q. How long does it take to change back to my Natural Style?>
A. You don't change back. You set free what is already there. With a little practice, it takes a very short time. Even people who have used a Learned Style most of their lives take only two or three weeks of reminding themselves relax -- not to "be up tight." (which is what a learned style always feels like) It becomes easy and they no longer have to think about being "Natural."

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Q. Where will I feel the most significant changes when I start using my Natural Style?
A. You are always communicating ... with yourself when there is no one else around. You will notice it first in your self-talk.

Q. Can ICTech® be used to control someone?
A. Not to control ... but to genuinely communicste.