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Age does NOT matter -- you learn every subject better using your Natural Style!

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  • You enjoy teaching!
  • Glad to be teaching: "A simple way to go from good to great teaching!"
    math teacher"I first used the ICTech (Natural Style technique) on students who had failed a geometry class and who were repeating it at 7 AM during the summer. On the first morning of class, all 19 students were sleepy, angry and turned off.

    Every head was down on the desk when we started. Tom and Linda Carlson entered and I watched a miracle take place. We identified the Natural Style of each student and taught them how they needed to study geometry in their own style. These sleepy, angry kids became excited about the experience of learning geometry! They began to help each other in teams using what they knew about each style.

    A mother showed up at class one morning to observe why her son's attitude about this previously dreaded class had changed so much. All but one student passed geometry that summer, and he doubled his performance! The students actually cared how I felt, which is something I haven't experienced in years!"

    Harvey Thompson, Las Vegas, NV


    Attorney and son

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  • Your focus and concentration improve.


    Middle School Students, Lewisville, TX:
    middle school students 7th grade
    "Knowing my style helps me learn easier and better. I now know the best way for me to study and I communicate much better with my teachers. My grades are improving."

    6th grade
    "Knowing my style has helped me to get all of my assignments in on time. It helps me get work done faster."

    8th grade
    "I have gotten more out of class since I learned about how I think. It helps me remember better."

    7th grade "I feel proud of my style. When I want to be creative, I can. When I want to just sit still and listen, I can. It helps me control my thinking."

    8th grade
    "When we are having a class discussion and I look at a question totally different from other people, instead of feeling stupid or thinking others are dumb, I understand why."


    • You relax and learn faster and easier.
    College student: "ICTech made getting my degree easier!"
    College student"ICTech helped me take 21 hours of class work per quarter in a PhD. program at the University of Utah (7 hours a quarter was normal). Using my Natural Style helped me get straight A's." 

    Linda Blew, U of Utah

  • You are more creative.
  • Attitude and Confidence: "We went a step beyond the race issue."
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    Father and son"We moved and saw that being a minority in a predominately white school made our 6th grader begin to perform all his school work badly and emotionally shut down.

    But his attitude changed as ICTech® helped his school work immensely. His confidence grew as the whole family worked with his Natural Style.

    Now it brings tears to my eyes when he says with a genuine smile, "I believe in myself!"

    Daniel Blake, Minneapolis, MN

    We didn't know that using the Natural Style would begin a process that has such a dramatic effect. So ... ICTech® is pretty amazing.

    But do you know what's even more amazing?

    The incredible effect ICTech® has on how you achieve goals. Click on Self-help and read a few of the reports we have received about results people have gotten.