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Reach your goals easier using your Natural Style!

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  • Professionals praise ICTech®.
Psychologist: "This is the most powerful tool I have ever used."
counselor comforting a client "I challenged the validity of ICTech by assessing two patients to identify the natural and learned styles of each. As the ICTech expert examined the results and told me what she saw in comparing them, I was amazed. Without ever meeting my patients she knew more about them than I had learned in 7 sessions.

She told me a simple way to help them talk to each other more effectively. She called it ICTech. I used this method with my patients and we made tremendous progress very rapidly. They took on more of their own healing and didn't need much help from me after that.

I am impressed with the simplicity of ICTech and the power it has to help quickly!"

Joyce Buchanan, PhD, LPC


  • You get through to difficult people.
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Widow: "Removed a major communication block caused by
depression and grief.
grieving boy"After my husband died, I didn't know how to help our 16 year old son. He just withdrew and didn't want to go to school anymore. I spent two months trying to help him but it kept getting worse. Then I learned how to 'work' with his Natural Style

It took only a week to open the communication channel again. Now I can help him (I am a nurse). Using Natural Styles is the best thing that has happened to our family in years!

Sue Laurence, Logan, UT


  • You figure out what makes you happy without guilt!
Switched jobs from CPA to Sales: " I finally found the right job for me."
Michael "After graduating from college I became a CPA. I started my own business and it did well. Within a few years, I had several CPAs working for me. The money flowed in, but I never really liked going to work.

Then I learned about ICTech and my Natural Style. After figuring out I was doing something that felt stifling to me, I shutdown the business and became an entrepreneur. I now have work that fits my Natural Style. The work is more challenging, but it feels easier. I'm so much happier today. ICTech® has made my life much less stressful and more enjoyable. I think everyone should try it!"

Michael Dallin, Huston, TX

These are not the results of just a few people. This is a typical profile of all participants in our program.

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