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The Story of ICTech®

ICTech® began when I attended a seminar about controlling personal thoughts -- and the leader told us that during WW II observations had been made about how people think ... and the difference their thought habits made in their survival rate.

    Wouldn't it be interesting to find out that the thoughts that drift through your mind make the difference between life and death?

This went way beyond positive thinking. He said, "Some people get pictures in their mind's eye and some don't." I was hooked. 

I started listening carefully as people talked. They either spoke using mental pictures, or talked in terms of reason and logic. I noticed that they relaxed when they were talking in a way that seemed natural to them.

First it was easier to see how others react to messages and to check out their behavior -- but finally it dawned on me that there was a pattern. I was listening to the way people are born to process information.

As a university student, I began to notice how quickly I understood things from languages to science -- if I used what felt natural to me rather than doing it the way someone else wanted me to do it. (Parents and teachers included.) 

    Would you like to do things your way ... and know that this was the BEST way for you to do them?

After 15 years of watching, listening and teaching people of all ages from kindergarteners to 90 year olds -- in all walks of life from farmers to college students to royalty -- it became clear.  

The smartest people would appear dumb if given the information in a way they didn't naturally understand. 

The system depended too much on my personality and ability to speak.  Drs paid $250 an hour per child -- and sent 2-3 children at a time.  This was 20 years ago!

    That is like making $1200 per hour today! People thought ICTech®was worth so much money.

Then came Tom, an internationally known researcher, who didn't readily succumb to my personality. He loved me and treated me like a real person -- not someone on a high pedestal.

He admired the concept of ICTech® -- the positive effects in people's lives -- and decided to dedicate his time and effort to making this a system that everyone can use.

    He helped make ICTech® something YOU can use!  Today it works for everyone.

ICTech® helped me cut through cultural differences when I lived in Germany as a student and then a young wife and mother. I was accepted by the women of the small town where we lived (Langendiebach) as one of their own, although I was an "Ami" (American).

It helped me take 21 hours of class work per quarter in a Ph.D. program at the University of Utah and get A's. (7 hours a quarter was normal while doing graduate work.)

ICTech® literally saved my life when I was in a hostage situation in the Middle East. (It helped me think fast and make them laugh rather than staying angry and killing all 27 of us Americans. Incidentally, I was the only woman in the group of 27 business people)

ICTech® helped me choose the right man for a husband and raise two wonderful daughters. It came to the rescue thousands of times when tempers flared and arguments started. So it helped keep our home peaceful.

ICTech® is the reason I had phenomenal success in the classroom both as student and as teacher.

As an entrepreneur, it helped me find the best partners for each venture and raise millions of investment capital.

When I married Tom, becoming a wife and staying home seemed the best idea. But people have never left me alone to just stay quietly in the background.

This company was started because a woman persisted in asking me to tutor her children stating that "You know something they need to know."

After three refusals, I finally did take her sons to tutor and the next thing I knew she had purchased office furniture, rented a space, and thus encouraged us to open a center for children and families. Now, years later, here we are on the Net.

Linda Blew Carlson