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Enjoy work when using your Natural Style.

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  • You disarm anger, fear, and worry.
  • Hotel Gen. Manager: "I didn't have to fire him."
    Larry Alexander "I almost fired a department head because we couldn't get along. No matter how carefully I explained what I wanted done, he just seemed to lose the picture and get distracted by something else that he thought was more important.

    Using the information about Natural Styles solved the problem. I got understanding and cooperation. ICTech® stopped the frustration. Now he is one of my best executives! "

    Larry Alexander, Cincinnati, OH


    Employer with difficult employee    Dealing with a Difficult Employee.


  • You work faster and things go smoother.


    Secretary/Receptionist:"Work is easier in my style."
    "I was asked to input data for a database in our small company. I spent a whole day working. By noon I had a headache. Secretary By 5 PM I looked in the mirror and saw deep frown lines between my brows. (I am only 25!) As hard as I had worked I had finished only about 1/3 of the work and the deadline was the next day at 5 PM.

    I was exhausted and depressed when I got home from work. I thought about what I had recently learned about my Natural Style. Dreading the next day, I decided to use my Natural Style even though I had never been good at tedious detail.

    I was scared, but willing to try anything to relieve the boredom of this tedious task. The next morning instead of concentrating on getting the work finished, I concentrated on letting myself work in my Natural Style.

    At the end of the day I had finished the job. The bathroom mirror reflected a smile on my face, and was relaxed driving in traffic on the way home! Now I know better than to do things against the style my brain prefers if I want to be happy!"

    Bess Barber, Denton, TX

    35 years in sales    35 years in sales.

  • You are more efficient and a lot happier!

    V.P. Human Resources: "I accomplish more when I use my style."
    V.Pres. "My new boss gave me a routine (but I thought it was dull) project with a reasonable deadline. He was sure I could do this job quickly. (That is because his style is different from mine.)

    Two days after the deadline I was only halfway through the work. He had called every morning for the past five days and I heard the disappointment in his voice even when he said encouraging words. The encouragement finally turned into a threat.

    I was actually tempted to resign because I felt so blocked and unable to perform. That night I learned about how my mind works naturally. Thank goodness it doesn't take long to get back to using your Natural Style! (I know he thought he was going to have to fire me before the week was over, so he gave me" enough rope to hang myself.")

    I finished the original project the next day! (I also had four more projects almost done.) I am so grateful that I could keep my high paying job and enjoy working again (even with a challenging boss).

    Sami Harden, Dallas, TX

    Fast food chain owner   Hear for a fast food chain owner.



  • You get warmth and smiles!


    Computer programmer:" My boss likes me now!"
    Computer programmer "I dreaded going to work. I never felt like my boss was truly pleased -- no matter how hard I tried. Waiting for him to tell me he approved of my work was like It was like waiting for a wall to speak!

    Using my Natural Style broke the wall down! I get smiles and approval from him almost daily."

    Howard Shaw, Denton, TX

    These are not the results of just a few people, they are the typical profile of all participants in our program. Pretty amazing aren't they?

    But do you know what's even more amazing?

    The incredible effect ICTech® has on your relationships. Click on Family to read a few of the reported results of using Natural Styles in relationships.